Number of entries in each page

In which file is the number of entries that appear on each page (20) defined?

  • It is function that fetch data from database to page ! elgg_get_entities_from_metadata, relationship, annotations. you can use 'limit' attribute to change limit of entries on per page.

    So if you can tell us what you trying to do , we can easily can help you.

  • Well, fist I want to check a problem that occured because of some bots creating unvalidated accounts on my site. I have removed these accounts and users and reinforced security, but since only 12 enties are displayed on my activity river instead of the default 20. So I want to check if there is a problem in that area and to do that I have to find the file which tells how many entries are to be displayed in each page.

    Secondly, I was going to do that anyway, I want to change the number of entries that appear on each page from 20 to 50.

    I have scanned the elgg 1.8.16 default files with file seeker for the numbers 20 and 12 but (depending on the files scanned) it either did not find any thing or found too many matches for me to check out. So I ended up asking here.

  • Ok, this plugin is perfect, even better that what I had in mind. It says it's not compatible with River Privacy 1.0, I'll just test it with River Privacy 1.1 which I'm using.

    In any case thanks a lot for your help!!