Remove Latest activity on the welcome page


Im new to elgg. I have installed the engine on my xampp server and I have activated the pearl theme.

Now I want to remove the Latest Activity and put some images or text. So I want the control of that area.

How can I do this? 

I found some tips but I dont know how to alter the code.

This is my /mod/pearl/ dir three:

16/12/2013 19:46 <DIR> .
16/12/2013 19:46 <DIR> ..
16/12/2013 19:46 <DIR> css
16/12/2013 19:46 <DIR> graphics
16/12/2013 19:46 <DIR> js
19/01/2013 14:57 491 manifest.xml
16/12/2013 21:59 1.763 start.php
16/12/2013 19:46 <DIR> views


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Beginning Developers

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