Uploading Large Files

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From readin your profile I saw that you were way into elgg and kinda into
the bass.  I'm the opposite.  I just got started with elgg but have been
a music instructor for years.  I was hoping to pick your brain for a
second.  I am attempting to use my elgg for musician purposes but can't
seem to get elgg to allow me to upload large files (very large).   I
tried changing the .htaccess file but it dosen't seem to change anything.
could you help?
also I would be interested in any ideas you've come across to implament
more music file control in elgg or other application?


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File upload size is controlled from php.ini




  • ROCK ON!!!

    dreamhost helped.  this might be obvious to all but I'll post it any way.

    on dreamhost I had to create a cgi-bin folder and then run a php script that populated it with a few files. one of which was php.ini. I guess it had to be in the cgi-bin.  I changed that to 20mb and away we wen.  I can now hear my MP3's with zaudio. still no lick with aaudio (which is really what I need.. that or mymusic plugin.) and of course this was very easy once I got it. as are most things.  Thanks so much for yourguys help.

  • toldja ;-) " Also ask your Host's Tech Support for advice. They might just be able to give some quick answers because they should know their own server setup better than we do ;-)  "

    MyMusic might be need the bug-fix version from http://test.xxiweb.ru/mymusic.zip

    AAaudio -- try disable plugin, deleete mod/AAaudio subfolder, down again, install new AAudio, enable - I'm guessing, in case you have a bad version on yr server


  • I have changed these in .htaccess for

    Limiting upload file size to 200Mb

    and max execution time upto 10 minutes to not make the session timed out

    So... Am I doing right :)

    # php 5, apache 1 and 2
    <IfModule mod_php5.c>
        # default memory limit to 64Mb
        php_value memory_limit 64M
        # to make sure register global is off
        php_value register_globals 0
        # max post size to 200Mb
        php_value post_max_size 209715.2
        # upload size limit to 200Mb   
        php_value upload_max_filesize 209715.2
        # Max upload execution time to 10M   
        php_value max_execution_time 600
        # Max Input time to 10M   
        php_value max_input_time 600
        # hide errors, enable only if debug enabled


    But I wud always love to set file upload limits per user or for a group of users.... or even separate upload limits (more)  just for admins...


    HaPPy ElGGinG :)

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