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You have a new message from harcha24. It reads:
From readin your profile I saw that you were way into elgg and kinda into
the bass.  I'm the opposite.  I just got started with elgg but have been
a music instructor for years.  I was hoping to pick your brain for a
second.  I am attempting to use my elgg for musician purposes but can't
seem to get elgg to allow me to upload large files (very large).   I
tried changing the .htaccess file but it dosen't seem to change anything.
could you help?
also I would be interested in any ideas you've come across to implament
more music file control in elgg or other application?


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File upload size is controlled from php.ini




  • hmm..

    Gib seems to be having luck and hands-on testing

    try --

    drop the htaccess code and do what he did in php.ini

    the " I also copied the php.ini to the vanilla forums dir, I'll check later if it's actually needed there or not."

    is most likely not needed and also probably not relevant for you anyway.

  • this is going to sound patheticaly uninformed nut mybe this is a factor.  I was watching the upload (which didn't work this time either) and the little bar at the bottom during the page load it was truckin' along slowly and then jumped up from half way and gave me the same results.  does this possibly mean that the upload is being timed out?

    also after emoving the .htaccess file. the info.php still says 7mb upload. maybe there's something I have to do at my server.

    also should I be deleting the "htaccess_dist" file

  • Should I maybe try using the vanilla forums integration and changing how files are uploaded and work.  this seems like a lot of install work for a solution that might not work for me? any sugestions?

  • @ harcha24 all this work,  and it is a lot of work that you are utilising, to try to solve a problem that must really be a hosting issue.

    It maybe time to look at other hosting options why not PM Dhrup with what your server needs are. I know he can advise you privately.

     By the way I am very interested in your project and maybe the first to produce something on your site, if Dhrup doesn't beat me to it

    P.S the htaccess_dist is a dummy file it does not do anything

  • I really appreciate the interest... and all the help.  I just don't know if I'm in a situation to spend more money. (got three kids and a wife).  plus I have rent at a basement recording studio that seems to be going nowhere.  I guess I'm just complaining.  I have such a hard time on dreamhost navigating their wiki.  I can never find any information I need there.  I wrote them to ask them directally so I'm just waiting for a reply right now I guess.

  • @H

    Yep, let's wait until DreamHost's support reply..


    I thought you're driving thru the pyrenees for yr 12 hr trip ? ;-)

  • I can totally appreciate your situation I am on the same boat We are all working hard to try to keep things going at our site as well Still it maybe interesting to talk to Dhrup (it cannot hurt)

  • @H

    You can PM me now... or maybe after TechSupp replies.. you've got my interest ;-)

  • tomorrow night is Madrid I need to do some business there for a day on Wed Pyrenees Thursday France Friday, UK Sat or Sunday The computer is the last to be packed I'm on my laptop now

    Once my plug is pulled it's cold turkey time :-()