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From readin your profile I saw that you were way into elgg and kinda into
the bass.  I'm the opposite.  I just got started with elgg but have been
a music instructor for years.  I was hoping to pick your brain for a
second.  I am attempting to use my elgg for musician purposes but can't
seem to get elgg to allow me to upload large files (very large).   I
tried changing the .htaccess file but it dosen't seem to change anything.
could you help?
also I would be interested in any ideas you've come across to implament
more music file control in elgg or other application?


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File upload size is controlled from php.ini




  • OK..

    technicallly.. one can upload a zipped file that contaims 32 individual files to the server and ask the server to unzip themint the 32 pieces.. Elgg jujst happens to be not offering that right now..

    It might take some code effort but.. can be done.

    "..music guys not computer guys.." I'm still @ LOL b/c I'm both;-)

    Didya like the <ElggRockers> "video" audition ?

  • yeah I thought it was hecka funny.  I dig the 80's video game graphics (no insult intended)

    yeah like I was initially telling you I'm 80% music guy 20% computer guy  I really just got into computers due to the need.  didn't really know anybody to help me.

    but basically the site is that people start groups (bands) then start groups with in groups (songs) and can have the band completely online.  good for guys like me with a wife and family. kinda a band on your own time.

  • so I uploadede the info.php and see that I am only able to upload 7mb.  I'm not sure how to change this and what a "reasonable" size to up it to would be?

  • Hmm ;-)

    I'm prob like 80% computers 20% (commercially oriented) music.. but have been lazy for to many years. I was learning when quite young.. studying Comp Sci (in Australia) when I met midi and Steinbergs Cubit, the predecessor to Cubase and was hoooked. Still use it... on this PC ;-) I used to run Cubase on an Atari LOL..remember that computer ? I still have all my arrangememnts from the Atari machine which can be read on Windows ;-)

    Well, I guess I am more in Comp Sci so I can more quickly see what computing tech / Elgg -- can and cannnot do for music oriented data storage and sharing of the type you are talking. Most people are happy at the 'audience " level and so the ability to simply play MP3s and videos is enough.

    But for your level of interest, can you imagine being able to collaborate as band and share *tracks and record parts and exchange for more and evolving music composition ? that would be neat if Elgg can be massaged and bent to deliver that kind of power. Of course there's hardware and software  to do that already .. but in physical presence.. not online as a community (I believe).

    I think if we go on babbling about this aspect more.. we are gonna have to start a new (Elgg) group... say... called "ElggRockers" ? where the discussion is purely oriented towards using Elgg and it's features as a platform for areas of music *collaboration.. as you want do...

    ( PS.. I do believe MalagaJack is *quite a Guitar Player. )

  • You should first look at your gear's files tracks sizes / parts , etc.. then you can go looking for you want the serve to do for you.

  • well the quality of mp3s has come a long way and I have a long way of making this work so I think I will resolve to use the MP3 format instead of wavs so I think a resonable file size would be 25-30mb. is this a reasonable file size for elgg?

  • See Gib's post near the top...

    And if you're using a *not so expensive Host.. they will boot you out because of high CPU high Memory and other server intensive usage ;-(


    Most MP3 songs I have seen are usually 5 - 10 MB each for the full mix..

    but check off your recording hardware - that is the place to start the numbers ..

  • Anything lower than a 20% compression on a wave file will produce artifacts (mp3) that is noticeable to a sophisticated listener (producer)

    Lower than 15%  and the general public will notice if you point it out, Lower than 10% and they will notice even if you do not point it out.

    If this is intended for fun and entertainment  go with 10% to 12%. and it will sound good

    if you manage to get something hot That really wants to take off, you can always utilise the original files and the arrangement you've made on the site, to put it together for commercial release.

    a 30mb minute wave (approximately 3 minutes) should not be reduced lower than 3mb  better at 5mb

    By the way CAKEWALK all the way

  • Rockin.  I figure while I try this out with my friends I will just resolve to use high quality MP3s just to see some use while I figure all the other things out.  I figure this site is a little ways off so I should try to be patient.

  • @H
    Yep.. *play* around with Elgg and find out what you *can and what you *can't
    THEN you can say more re: what is *missing and what you want *more of...

    I supoose you already figured out from our posts MJ and I are both Elgg + quite Music oriented as well ;-)

    I still haven't got around to really launching  "-- ElggRockersJamming" yet
    Once I do we all can discuss the music + tech matters there ;-)

    PLZ give me patience.....