sort entity lists by most recent activity?

does anyone know of a plugin / code that sorts entity lists by 'most recent activity'?

i already have the code to show items by highest amount of comments... for some reason i have never seen a 'sort by recent activity' option in any plugin - surely this is an obvious feature/enhancement?

i could code this mysef.. i am just wondering if anyone else already has?

e.g. blog entity lists would show new blogs at the top (as they do by default) and new comments on blogs would also count as a change that would put the blog back to the top of the list.

(i would include this as a sort option rather than being a new default.)

  • Tidypics offers "Most recently viewed", "Most recently rated" etc.

    The sorting by views depends on the counter implemented in Tidypics but the basic principle of the sorting used in Tidypics can also be used for other types of entities.

  • yes, i have already extracted that tidypics code in the supajax plugin so that the tidypics list is filtered/sorted using those options via ajax.
    i just wondered if someone had already done what i am looking for specifically.. i'm sure its not so tough to do.. and is easiest when someone else already did it! ;)