enhancement/ plugin idea: participation

as far as i am aware, there is no plugin that allows us to view all entities that we are participating with via commenting or in other ways.

i know that 1.9 elgg has notification changes in it.. so does anyone have any comment about including a list similar to the one used by github (https://github.com/notifications/participating) for elgg?

  • There is one plugin that does this for 1.8: Athabasca U's comment tracker, by Matt Beckett based on a 1.7 version we contracted from Cubet, at http://community.elgg.org/plugins/872640/1.2/comment-tracker-18x. It lets you track any conversation by hitting the 'subscribe' button and auto-subscribes you when you make a comment. It has an interface to show and manage all subscribed conversations and associated entities and, of course, allows you to turn it off if you don't like it. I *think* it also notifies you on changes to Pages you have edited, though that might be from a different plugin Matt wrote for us.  

    I think it will need to be rewritten again for 1.9 but it may be a good starting point.


  • ah yes.. i already have that installed..

    i never saw a listing page, possibly that is because i have the main site menu  repaced by the 'menu builder' plugin.. i will have a closer look tomorrow. thanks

  • The listing is linked to from the user notification settings page

  • It's well-hidden: probably not our best interface decision!  There's a link in your notification settings to all your subscribed content. That could be made more prominent with menu builder.

  • ah yes, i found it, thanks..
    so essentially that list is performing the same role as a participation list.. just without the smooth integration that is present in github..

    this list is a great candidate for being added to the activity list as a tab (along with the liked_content list as another tab).