1.9 or 2.0 version of elgg should include Zurb's Foundation famework

If Zurb's Foundation is implimentes in core or via plugin making elgg responsive would be much easier thaught of putting issue on Github but prefferd disscussion on the elgg what r ur views @matt backet , @juho-jaakkola, @Srokap ????

  • @matt - yes, i agree with the idea of providing ui features as standard within the elgg framework.. i posted the css tooltips only due that particular one being a nice, clean version that i see as a great option to integrate - rather than coding a solution from scratch.

  • I expect 1.10 to have a lot more front-end goodies, though a huge change (IMO) that 1.9 brings for JS developers is RequireJS integration. AMD has been a great help in better organizing my code.

    BTW, nothing wrong with discussions here, but don't forget Elgg does have a place to formally propose stuff. I tend to make issues for any little thing that bugs me, otherwise it gets forgotten or lost in some discussion thread.

  • @stve Clay can something be done about the topbar??

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Feedback and Planning

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