1.9 or 2.0 version of elgg should include Zurb's Foundation famework

If Zurb's Foundation is implimentes in core or via plugin making elgg responsive would be much easier thaught of putting issue on Github but prefferd disscussion on the elgg what r ur views @matt backet , @juho-jaakkola, @Srokap ????

  • core team or any other should it be nice on core?

  • Elgg packages its own CSS framework which enables plugins to be themable. If we changed frameworks then we would break themes. That sounds sad, because we already did that with 1.8 to get to where we are now and themes are possibly the most important part of the framework.

    Furthermore, the classes aren't namespaced, and that just irks me to no end.

  • What we could do: learn from them and port their code to Elgg's classes where it makes sense.

  • I must agree with Evan, I don't think there is room for another CSS/JS framework in the core and I don't think Foundation is per se the best framework to use.

    Some things I would like to see in the core in the near future:

    - make it easier to work with SCSS or .less

    - build a solid responsive grid (that's perhaps something I would borrow from Foundation; this is something I have used a lot for hypeThemeX). Add offset, pull and push classes

    - make easier to add new icons - the current sprite implementation is just too difficult to work with, especially when theming plugins. Perhaps opting for a font-based icons would be a plus

    - one thing that is really missing from Elgg's JS/CSS framework is easy-to use dropdowns and popups (and perhaps tooltips); currently, there are multiple implementations, none of which are really easy to make use of in plugins

    - do something about the topbar (I am not a big fan of Foundation's topbar, but it has some features not available in Twitter Bootstrap for example)

    - add 'icon' as a parameter to Elgg menus to have a standard markup for all menu items and allow plugins to control whether to show text, text and icon, or only icon using CSS

    - add a 'standard' for form field markup; currently core plugins do not have a uniform markup (and even have <br /> tags), which makes them hard to style


    The above would make theming projects much easier. To be fair, @Evan, your work on 1.8 was invaluable and I can't imagine going back to 1.7!

  • I know that @Pawel Sroka I want to say that cant we rebuild the core to be responsive in A major release ver 2.x or something....

    @Evan Winslow :- I liked your Idea maybe without re-designing the core we could add some responsive element to the Egg CSS pakage...

    Are there any improvment in CSS pacakages in Elgg 1.9???

  • I totally agree with @Ismayil at some points ...

    I think the topbar really needs to be improved..

  • minor point in response to ismayil: i found this css tooltip pack today - looks nice:

  • @Ura souls thanks a lot it is very helpfull as we can use it for showing tips...

  • There's lots of tools out there, I think what Ismayil is saying is there should be a collection of standard tools for common use cases - such as tooltips.

    Currenlty if a plugin wants tooltips it needs to implement it, which can lead to a hodge-podge of different solutions for the same thing between plugins, and a fair bit of work if you want to style them all to look the same.

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