How to create One page for each profile Similar to Facebook And very unique

How to create One page for each profile Similar to Facebook And very unique

I think that is :


Like Page
Time band


Number of Views

Photo Gallery Page
Privacy for each section

Inscription (Daily News Members)
Publish on Facebook and Twitter
Fast Access to page( For example : )
And many more




With best wishes for all


  • @Tom, ok true. but this is 50% of my idea.

  • Gerard Kanters, Yes, I use Wordpress. I was planning to make an independent theme just like that for elgg. Once i am done with my current project I am working on at my free time hope to make a single plugin that can pull all of the elgg user's contents in one page just like facebook does. 

  • @ masoud , I am glad that my idea was 50% of your request. Once I  will make it as an Elgg theme plugin for elgg hope it will cover 90% of your request. We are not trying to clone or copy cut facebook or myspace. The design will make it easier for Elgg users to navigate through their stuff! and that is what facebook and other popular sites on the planet Earth are trying to do so that the users using their sites don't hit their heads on the keyboard or computer desks while trying to navigate the site or while checking their own stuff like photos and other more personal, private, public stuff...

  • @ masoud  , At the moment, you can try and see if this can get closer to 80 % of your request Here is the link. That is for wordpress but hope I can come up with the Elgg Riverline instead of Elgg Timeline . Timeline is a registered brand by facebook and if you ever use it on your site without their permission - "megacompany’s facebook brand and image",  Facebook will probably tear your site design if it  looks similar to their Timeline design. That is why I hope that I can make something that looks diffretly but works the same like Facebook Timeline.

  • @masoud Profile Manager and some other add ons make the profile look kinda like elgg. As for the like button for profiles, I don't think it would be that hard to code, since there's a "like" implementation already in elgg.

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • Thank you for all your help

    It was just a suggestion for improvement.

  • Hello everyone! I am new here and looking to hire some to help with my network. I have already installed a theme I would like to use and need some assistance customizing it. Anyone interested in making some cash and helping creat an awesome network feel free to hit me up! Cheers #wellkunnected

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  • @ wellkunnected, i like your positive spirit. Just think about this . . ."A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song." -- Chinese Proverb

  • To all who might be looking  for How to create One page for each profile Similar to Facebook And very uniquea page just like facebook timeline you can try this plugin

  • Thanks Tom timeline theme

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