addon prop: fetch facebook albums using it's API

By Dries

Hi there community.

It should be nog too difficult to fetch facebook albums and display it together with the tidypics galleries.
The idea: when users click the 'make album' button they have an option to choose an album from their facebook page instead of making a new tidypics album.


  • saves you bandwith and CPU
  • Atracts your visitors to show more images on your site, since they don't have to upload again.
  • Your member doesn't have to update on seperate places, they can just populate their facebook page and modifications will be visible on your website as well.

The thing is that it would have to look just as the normal tidpics album.

Is there something like this already, is anyone interested in it?
Anyway, after all the rest is done I'm willing to put my shoulders under this.