New Elgg Showcase

Hey everyone, I've finally finished the long overdue upgrade of the Elgg Showcase

If you had a site on the showcase previously it has been lost to the ether.  The screenshots and descriptions just weren't enough for the new system which is designed for you to really show off, so feel free to re-submit with some higher quality images and full-on bragging descriptions.

Features of this new showcase:

  • Add it yourself, no more waiting for an admin to get around to coding it up
  • Screenshot gallery - you can add up to 9 screenshots of your project which can be seen in full resolution in the lightbox gallery
  • Full description - just like a single image wasn't enough to get across the magnitude of your achievement, neither was a tweet.  Now you can have a full description of your site, the one place on the community where you can brag about your site to your hearts content!
  • Optional comments - get feedback on your site, if you want it
  • Profile widget - show off your projects on your profile page
  • Best of the best can go on our featured list!



  • All submissions must be validated by an admin, all edits will need to be re-validated
  • Featured showcases are purely at the discretion of the core team, don't ask to be featured, don't whine if you don't get featured.

It's looking a little empty right now, so head over to the showcase and get your site up there, finally!


Note: as always, let me know if you run into any issues with it.  I'm only mostly perfect.

Feedback and Planning

Feedback and Planning

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