Friends, Let's Create social inviter plugin

This Plugin will work to invite your facebook friends, when you click on the plugin it will bring something of this nature without coping and pasting of emails from different social networks.

Please how to start it from adam

Your Comments Counts towards success

Thanks a lot

  • can this thread or my comments be deleted as the plugin was released : ) 1 of my emails is hwoing didnt relise dont use that email anyways but i think this thread is done now as a plugin was released

  • I have a crazy idea that might solve this Invite problem, how about a script that logs you into your facebook account, grabs your friend data and then logs you out in 5 sec to 2 minutes?

    The reason I pose this idea is because googling facebook login script I found this from 2007

    Or if some one knows reverse engineering have a look at the program call pigin, It logs into facebook using  xmpp and lets you know when your friends are only and chat with them.


  • the plugin works perfect the problem was is that i dont have https : ( well nevermind will get soon i hope

    : ) another user showed me the notify plugin working perfect with ssl

  • I don't understand all of these comments. I've got it working and @UK tested it. I had to make the js work on my site (but if that already worked for you, don't bother ) It simply works. What are your specific problems ?

  • i am using this now got ssl now as of today ^_^ working perfect the thing with this plugin is not the plugin it is the facebook app bit which i know a few people may find frustrating, the information is on developers info etc facebook help guides etc, most comments are from me lol, does not work and your site on https ssl does work

  • "facebook really does suck.. seems they attempt to prevent social interaction that may result in other networks being expanded beyond facebook.. that is not the action of a 'community' oriented agenda.. that is the action of an empire building agenda."

    I agree 100%