Friends, Let's Create social inviter plugin

This Plugin will work to invite your facebook friends, when you click on the plugin it will bring something of this nature without coping and pasting of emails from different social networks.

Please how to start it from adam

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  • Facebook does not allow you to get email addresses of friends anymore.

  • but this plugin works on oxwall site
     and some other social community site

    how can we integrate this app to work on elgg?

  • yes but you can invite your friends from facebook with the help of this application


  • I'm not an expert on the FB api, so I don't know what they're using - I looked into this a couple of months ago though and got stonewalled when I found the limitations where you can only send a single message to a single recipient and you can't access the email address of friends.  If that plugin is working as shown I'd dissect it and see what method is being used in it.

  • I'm an elgg expert, but I don't have time at the moment.  If you can't find a volunteer and have a budget for it post over at the professional services group.

  • Facebook wont allow you to send private messages to your friends. What you are seeing is the notification API of facebook. If you use that friendpicker view, your users will get notification about the invitation on their topbar (in facebook).

  • facebook really does suck.. seems they attempt to prevent social interaction that may result in other networks being expanded beyond facebook.. that is not the action of a 'community' oriented agenda.. that is the action of an empire building agenda.

  • Once a company has grown in volumes "$"  its owners become scared. In fact the e-mails are the most valuable information Facebook has then followed by phone numbers. Why protect facebook user's e-mails? Facebook trust emails more than phone numbers because in most countries, facebook users change their phone numbers all the time. So, emails to facebook is like gold or is equivalent to person's social security number in the U.S.A or pin number in other countries. That's why open invite can not keep up with popular sites like facebook and many others. Last time I talked to open invite guys, they told me that it is very hard to keep up with big companies like facebook because Facebook's engineers change codes most of the time and a times never update their open source codes. So, any one using the old source codes on Facebook github account normally ends up learning that their codes is not working. That's is why most developers would stay away from most plugins that are ment to interact or integrate with big companies data centers.


  • this can only be resolved by living with integrity and choosing empathy over empire.