elgg needs more themes like easy theme! ??

i have tried many themes the only ones that are fully compatable are classy theme etc and of course the best theme on elgg easy theme is in the number 1 spot, why dont the makers of elgg make some more themes? 1 theme come on that is a bit bad.. it seems elgg is for the very experienced i am no pro, but i have got the hang of it now well half way there a few months later, i still dont know how to make plugins becasue it is not simple enougth and there is no simple tutorial available, i just want the best social cms to improve and i am sure it will, i think its time i installed 1.9 as i think there are new themes available for that?

There are many plugins and themes available and with easy theme i can make a really good elgg site but iot would be nice to have a choce of some more themes that are made by the makers of elgg, as they will be virtually bug free! 

I understand people are busy have no time etc, there should be a theme for making themes like easy theme or just easier things to make plugins and themes and then there will be more themes available, i dont understand why people make nice bug free themes for rubbish cms's that are not elgg, the only good thing any other social cms has is some good free themes with no bugs, otherwise elgg beats them all in every single way i have tried oxwall pligg cow dolphin and more they are rubbish compared to elgg, why are people making nice bug free themes for those rubbish cms's and not for elgg, well i think i have said enougth please reply : )

  • A bug free, nice theme fully customized to your need takes time to develop. Most likely most people seek for a theme more or less unique for their site. So, you can either use one of the existing themes and modify it according to your needs - if you like the Easy theme why not take it as starting point? Or you might need to pay for a developer to make a custom theme for you. There are also ready-to-be-used commercial themes available for Elgg offered on the sites of Elgg developers. Some of them are even for free. The reason why they are not offered here might be due to the artwork / graphics included in the theme that makes it impossible to offer the theme on a GPL license. And some themes will cost a bit (maybe again due to the artwork included). Not every theme can be offered for free. It's time-consuming to make a "good" theme and the coders might simply need some money when working full-time on offering plugins, themes and service for Elgg.

  • i see thanks thanks for the feedback : ) , i think there shoulld be a section for paid themes on elgg, maybe there is and i dont know where the section is lol