event calendar and polls 1.8 for elgg 1.8

HI guys I want to get an event calendar for elgg 1.8, Ihave tried to use the one recommended on gthumb, but it also brings errors in the data base and eventually the site.WHat could be the problem?

  • The polls plugin from Kevin available on github is currently in a state that will prevent using it on Elgg 1.8. Someone added a commit about 5 months ago that uses a function only available starting with Elgg 1.9 to the code. This problem has already been reported about 4 months ago but it still has not been fixed. Short term solution: change the code back to what it has been before this commit was added.

    Mid-term solution: I plan to update the poll (not polls) plugin I'm using myself on Elgg 1.7 to Elgg 1.8. This plugin will not be compatible to the polls plugin of Kevin though (that's why I need to update the poll plugin I already use myself). I hope to be able to work on the poll plugin during the Holiday season but I can't promise that yet. When I'm done I will release the poll plugin both for Elgg 1.8 and 1.9.

    The Event calendar plugin "should" work. Have you downloaded it from the correct repo at https://github.com/kevinjardine/Elgg-Event-Calendar/tree/full? You also need to make sure that the plugin folder is named correctly. When downloading / unzipping something from github the unzipped folder will have the wrong name because github itself names the zip files depending on the branch name of the repo. For the Event calendar plugin the correct plugin folder name is "event_calendar".

  • Here is the issue referenced by iionly: https://github.com/kevinjardine/polls/issues/13

    @iionly: Is the poll module publicly available?

  • The "poll" plugin I'm refering to is available in different versions. To be honest these releases are very messy and I don't find the exact release I'm using at the moment. The plugin at http://community.elgg.org/plugins/384595/1.6/simple-poll-plugin seems the most similar release. But all these "poll" plugins were released for older versions of Elgg and I'm pretty sure they won't work without modifications on Elgg 1.8 anymore.

  • I just pushed a change to my polls plugin that checks the version number and so it should work again under Elgg 1.8.


    My apologies for the delay. I've been rather busy lately and it was such a simple fix that I thought someone else would submit the fix.


  • First thanks for this awesome plugin.
    It is possible to add a functionality that allows some type of users to add events to other specific user?

    By example, the User 1 create an envent and creates an event and assigns to his calendar and to User 2 calendar only?

    Thank you again

  • New features are always possible for any of my plugins. Please private message me if you would like to discuss this further.