Could not log you in...please check user id and pw

I've been trying all morning to get one of my admins onto her account. She simply cannot log in. I've tried logging in as her with no luck. The username and pw have been verified at least half a dozen times this morning and I've even reset her password manually, but still no luck. She was the 2nd person to sign up on this site and I can still see her account. I can even make changes to it, but nothing lets her log in

  • Are display name and username the same. The username would have to be used to log in (just in case...).

    Is the account activated. Only the first admin accounts get activated automatically. Any further accounts need to be verified either by email validation or by activating the account in the admin section.

    Are there any special characters included in the username? While it should have impossible to register the account then already there might have gone something wrong that did not stop the account to be created but is now resulting in the login not being possible.

    Are you trying to login on the same computer you are able to login yourself? For the login to work it's necessary that cookies can be saved. But if it works with other accounts on the same machine this should not be the reason for a failed login.

  • if there is a problem with the username as iionly suggests, you can try using the email address as the identifier

  • thanks guys! we got her fixed up. I think she was trying to use the display name :)