google plus-ness in elgg?

i've been using google plus recently.. it is pretty much the most complete social network solution i have used so far.. features include:

  • mostly ajaxed interface
  • hashtag autogeneration
  • smooth transitions between site functions / features
  • add any entity easily from one page via a single input box.
  • live ajaxed notifications (connected directly to youtube)
  • connection to other google services such as talk for audio/video and chat (hangouts).

 i know plugins exist for elgg that do some of these effects/features - though not all of them and certainly not in a polished way where they all 'play nicely together'... 
does anyone have any intent to focus on bringing all this together in elgg?


  • "Bringing it all together" tends to be the customization part of the site building process.  Not something that can be done in a generic way with a simple drop-in plugin.  Different plugin authors working on different projects cannot anticipate what another plugin is going to do, so in order to have such a seamless end product you have to consider the plugins to be your starting point and develop some custom UI specifically for your site to bring it all together in a way that makes the most sense for you.

  • hahahahah, ura soul, elgg is opensource and in opensource no one can get same as they want! so if you can buy a developer and ask him to give you a clone of google plus of course they will give you a clone! 

  • i'm not looking for a clone, i am looking for core integration of plugins such that new and existing users to elgg don't need to read through hundreds of plugins in the community just to find some features they might find useful which should really be in the core by default.

  • maybe we could have a vote/poll on it in the community?

    except.. oh, there is no poll/vote plugin installed in the community. lol. ;)

  • the core integration is one aspect..
    what i was originally asking about was/is if anyone has any plan/intent to evolve elgg, whether through core or plugins to be functional in a way that is similar to, oh i don't know.. one of the most effective equivalents on the planet.. 
    i don't really see why this is a laughable question.. i think you are showing intense ignorance of the topic if you think this is an idiotic enquiry.

  • Elgg should have core intergration, but accoding to elgg defination:

    "Elgg is an award-winning open source social networking engine that provides a robust framework on which to build all kinds of social environments, "

    Elgg is not a platform its a framework!

    "...... laughable question.. i think you are showing intense ignorance of the topic if you think this is an idiotic enquiry."

    You question is very very good! Actually i am always in lauhable mood ! 


  • hehe... maybe you can see from my response to you that i have been using google plus...

    there are so many on there who are locked into battle and argument modes. ;(

    the definition of what is a valid part of the elgg framework needs to include the fact that elgg is a framework for building social networks/communities - not just for the bare bones of a social network, but also for the other aspects too. there are many attempts at coding plugins to provide functions that get replecated by others and many of them aren't getting noticed enough and never perfected because they are not considered elgg-core.

    my suggestion is to make the elgg community more inclusive instead of exclusive, so that the community of users of elgg can interact more effectively - from there can come continually more improved software that better suits the needs of all of us.. so we would have an actual community that builds relations instead of a 'thing made by programmers to make code available'. that way we are all friendlier and more motivated to build elgg.

    i have used many social networks for about 7 years and only recently when i have used google plus in it's current format have i seen one that is coherent enough to be useful in an expanding way.. most of the social nets, including all the elgg sites i have seen are a bit like windows 3.1 in comparison to what they could become.. they are unevolved and they could rapidly accelerate if there was enough direction and combining of coding..  the frustration for me is that the actual coding that is needed is not so massive - but the means of organising it all doesn't really exist here.. anyone who has been part of a large programming team will know of the problems that occur when there are only developers designing and making code (and also of the opposite situation where the 'managers' don't accept the input of the coders).. (and even more troubling - where there is no real design process.. just a 'fire and forget' approach of roughly aiming at the solution).

    yes, this is open source, and yes i could just 'leave' and use some other approach - yet i have put a lot of time and effort into my own site and i can see that elgg greatness could be realised through making relatively simple changes that most of us would actually enjoy, yet have not been made.. for reasons i do not fully comprehend due to the lack of interaction on these topics.