tips for web designers before releasing a elgg site to a client

Can i get some tips about the methods you and other users do, useful things to do before releasing a site to a client? 

eg: you lock the site down untill you get the final payment,  and any other stuff that could be helpful please : )

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  • lol blatent spamming i feel honoured you decided to spam me ha ha

  • Get a retainer up front, do the work on your own server so they don't have access to the source code but have access to the site for testing.  On receipt of full payment release the source in whatever format suits them best.

    Be honest and up front with your terms and it shouldn't be an issue.

  • i see ok thank you for the advice much appreciated : ) 

  • nice noted that, i find it difficult building a site offline well the only part that is difficult is testing as some things dont work offline using binami etc, but all in all making the site offline is not hard just makes it into stage 2 for testing and is more professional i guess, my next sites will be made completly offline from now on : )

  • Dumb answer is you can't sell opensource but you can sell opensource products!

  • lol true but there paying for the work and skills ; ) i am just lucky enougth to have found elgg! Instead of using other social cms's which have little to none support and this community is very alive and many other reasons which you can prob guess why elgg is killling the competition.

  • @michele - your examples here raise a variety of points, some of which extend beyond coding/internet.

    the fact that coders lose interest in code and move on is one of the reasons not to support paid plugins over free/open source. if we are forced to do what we don't want to do, that does not help anyone - which is also a reason to avoid money in general since reliance on money is one of the main factors we do what we don't want to do.

    the tax issue is also related to the same topics.. i have no direct experience of the area commony known as 'italy' (your declared location); however, i know that if you dig deeply enough you will always find the lies and flaws present in taxation systems that have always allowed those who know to to totally bypass all taxes 'legally' - no loopholes as such; the entire taxation system is voluntary and where force is used there is tyranny and abuse of what some call 'human rights', yet is in truth 'free will'.

    so you can if you like, use your experiences as an opportunity to learn and evolve, which i perceive you would prefer to do rather than struggle and ask that we call you stupid! i will not call you stupid, regardless of how much you 'pay' me (in fictional, symbolic paper).. ;)

  • the realisation that my own emotional state was being controlled by the existence and use of money, via my mind, was one of the main motivations for me to begin a change of stopping using money. why should i be sad due to not having enough of something that is printed by people i have never met and who use that 'ability' to attempt to limit and control me and the planet in a variety of ways?

    really this situation is not so different to being addicted to a drug.. actually the patterns are almost indentical.
    your richness is your soul.. we are deceived to exchange being souled for being sold!

    the greatest gift you could give me as a coder who used money would be to show me the light of how i am being hurt through my use of money! i speak from experience of having been a coder who used money 'professionally' for a while.. some are more addicted than others.

    richard stallman has a lot of great words to share on the specific topic of free / non-free software.. i think you already noticed him to some extent.