Elgg Ads or banners Plugin for Elgg

Due to overwhelming emails and request that I have received, I have decided to publish the Elgg Ads Plugin working prototype and let the community members decide if they like this concept of having a better Elgg Ads system for Elgg. Here are just a few real and working Elgg Ads plugin shorts.

In order to make Elgg Ads Plugin a free download plugin, donations will be highly appreciated.


Twizanex Ads

 If the above image is not clear you can view the two nice working prototypes here:

  • Add Ads form page:

The form to upload your ads to Elgg site

  • How the Ads are displayed on the sidebars of the Elgg site.

Displayed Ads on the Elgg page


Please Leave your comment here and any suggestion is welcomed.




  • I am sticked/glued to this discussion and waiting for the plugin to be launched......

    It's a great work by you Tom and as mentioned by you...it's going to generate income to site owners using elgg if they have good traffic....

  • @ Ajay, The reason it has taken long to release it to the community is that my schedule changed due to family schedule and work schedule change but I have been working on it on my free time. Hope the community will continue to serve others with their free time.

  • tom twiza I dont belive u. The logout page you made was full of ads, I think the reason why you say all this is to drive more traffic to your site, which is not a bad idea, but this is a wrong audience to fool, why not try other communities. I have seen so many good plugins, and this one can't come for free, trust me if it does exist any way.

  • buule ,  You sound familiar. I hear the weather is good out there. Here were I am things never change much. The logout page ads were demo for anyone who was using the plugin and wanted to know how it worked then could just go in a put their own. On your second point, driving the traffic to a site is a thing of the past. Look at my previous posts. We promise and we deliver. I will be bias if i praise any of plugins. I just make plugins and let ones using them give their honest input. You  have several options to help good plugins to be available for free... just click donation button and see how the world can turn almost anything for free. Twizanex ads systems  pages

  • So...tom, any updates on this?

  • any update yet...... tom....... ?

  • @tom

    we are waiting buddy:)

  • @tom

    Is there any paid version available pending the release of the free version?

  • hi tom,

    very intersted in this plugin..... where can i get it?