Elgg Ads or banners Plugin for Elgg

Due to overwhelming emails and request that I have received, I have decided to publish the Elgg Ads Plugin working prototype and let the community members decide if they like this concept of having a better Elgg Ads system for Elgg. Here are just a few real and working Elgg Ads plugin shorts.

In order to make Elgg Ads Plugin a free download plugin, donations will be highly appreciated.


Twizanex Ads

 If the above image is not clear you can view the two nice working prototypes here:

  • Add Ads form page:

The form to upload your ads to Elgg site

  • How the Ads are displayed on the sidebars of the Elgg site.

Displayed Ads on the Elgg page


Please Leave your comment here and any suggestion is welcomed.




  • @ rjcalifornia ,  Yes, the Ads will change on a daily basis and each and every time the site page is loaded or the admin can activate the Ads to load automatically even when the webpage is not loaded just like Facebook banner delivery system. In addition, a user “advertiser” can create an Ad and pay for it and then the Admin will activate the ad or banner  after confirmation of payment through Ad payment system on Elgg site. Once an ad or banner has been reviewed by the site admin, the admin or site owner will activate the Ad and once the Ad has been activated, the  Ad activation date is the Starting Date for the Ad. Then the Ad will be delivered every day as per the user's ad delivery settings; for example -- number of impressions, clicks or conversions, until the Campaign Package selected by the user “advertiser” during ad purchase is met.

  • It is amazing how it is exactly the same appearance of the facebook ad plateform...


  • Are you hinting all this months-long endless teasing is for something which does not exist?

  • Yep, those pictures mean nothing to me. It is a photoshop of his website with the old layout of the facebook ad plateform.

  • Staszek , if you want to see the Elgg ad plugin in action you can see it on the right side of the website on this link: http://www.twizanex.com/profile/Thomas/info if you refresh the page, new  Elgg testing ads are served ---  In fact it is real and not photoshop. What you are seeing in the pictures is how the real thing works... Once it will be available, everyone will open the hood for themselves and see what is in the engine.

  • Man, I seriously doubt about what you say.

    But I am not jugding now, I will when you'll release the code, if you do it one day.

  • :-) I like the animation!

  • @ Staszek, Then only best way to go is to have elgg banner or adsense plugin and yes this is the righ plugin for elgg. By the way this is what happens when you use other popular adsense on elgg site "Be very careful using adsense "Google" and elgg. If you use adsense you must be very aggressive with spammers, because Google will block your account if the site if filled with spammers." rjcalifornia

  • The development of Elgg ads plugin  is working as it is supposed to be. Now I am just cleaning a few codes and soon it should be available for elgg sites. It will be fun! Elgg site owners will be able to generate income from there own site and the elgg based sites will be able to place ads just like facebook ads system.