CryptoLocker: A new "Zip file" method of Virus or Malware attack

CryptoLocker is delivered in a Zip file attachment. If a user downloads and Open that zip attachment the CryptoLocker malware is loaded onto user’s machine. I know most antivirus software could detect CryptoLocker hidden in a Zip file and stop the infection. However, the latest Zip files containing CryptoLocker are now password protected.

And CryptoLocker malware infection and other latest methods of attack is what keep software developers awake all night or worried. WHY? Protecting a Zip file with a password is just one trick that can get the malware or infected zip files past the security software’s used by most software developer’s computers or even regular user’s computers. And after the infection of the computer by the malware,  the users “files are toasted until they pay
ransom ranging from 350 dollars up to $ 4,000 dollars  using either Green Dot cards or Bitcoins, in order to get the decryption key or password from the  crooks industry.

The worst part of this new Virus or Malware infection is that, the CryptoLocker malware infection will lock up “with state-of-the-art encryption” the entire victim’s “My documents” personal and backup files.

Now the depressing part of the story is that it is only the bad guy who infected your computer who has the “decryption key” that you have to pay at least $350 dollars in order to unlock your files! I am not making this up – just Google CryptoLocker and you will be surprised that the crooks have even launched a new 'customer service' website for victims to pay ransom and get their key to unlock their infected files!

Now my question, since new ways of attack are on the way and are here to stay -- does Elgg plugin download page and security team aware of
CryptoLocker malware infection issue?