Need a plugin for privacy setting

 my users are complaining that everyone can view everyone's wire post, activity post and river post. in profile or dashboard they can customize who can view which widget. but its not helpful. coz in the wire or activity or river there is an option to view all post, now looks like i'm loosing my members. need help. i found a plugin named "SW Social Privacy"

don't know is it bug free or not. the last update was 16023 days ago and also this plugin let users select who can comment on their posts only. does it mean, the post will be view able to all members but only selected(friends/private/everyone) group can comment on that post? if it is then it will not help properly coz members can still view others post or comment.

is there any plugin with will let members to customize there privacy settings. like if a members post a comment, only his friends(dippending on his privacy setting) can view and make comment. not everyone. i hope u can understand what i'm trying to mean.

i'm using elgg-1.8.16