How to make questions in profile required* etc....


I am using default profile plugin and would like to know how I cam make the fields required.

It will be great if there is any possibility if the profile questions can be asked during registration and merge these questions with the profile field of the user.

The reason why I am asking this is because users are registraing in my website and not updating their profile fiends and leaving it completly blank.

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  • Profile Manager plugin have it already. Use this Elgg plugin.

  • Take a look at the Profile Manager plugin ( This plugin allows to make input to profile fields mandatory on registering an account (you can even make uploading an profile image mandatory). The plugin has many features you might not need. But even if only want to use the default profile fields using the Profile Manager plugin to require input at account registration is much easier than implementing this on your own again.

  • Thank you RvR and iionly, I have installed this plugin and was happy to add new profile fields to the registration forum.

    The problem is that, the "Terms and Conditions check box" is not getting alligned properly. Is it possible to have this before the register button instead of being in middle of the registration form. If yes, please guide me on how to do it.


  • In addition to the above issue, the register link in the home page is not working after installing the plugin "profile manager" 

    If I hover my mose to the link "register" I can see that that it is linked to the registration page but when I click on it it is not responding. Please help me in solving this.

  • Best would be to ask for advice on the Profile Manager plugin page. The issue with the register link not working sound like a bug. If you report the issue on the Profile Manager plugin page the changes are better for an updated Profile Manager release. I don't know if the order of the profile fields is relation to the Accept terms checkbox can be changed. Maybe also a bug that it appears above the custom profile fields. Best would be to tell Jeroen about this issue, too, on the Profile Manager plugin page.