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Hi All 

I am new to elgg

I just want to change "Friends" & "Friends of" words into  "My Dates" & "I am Date of" phrases

without changing inner functionality of Friends/friends of system.

Means I just want to change these words

Do I need to create anew plugin,

I am not able to figure out where to change these words

Please can anyone help me?


  • Translation Editor is awesome for these kinds of edits:

    It adds a new admin setting under Configure -> Appearance -> Translation Editor

  • Hi Ed

    Thanks for your reply

    But I think It does not have any thing to do with language translation. I think I have to change these words some were in coding, but I can't figure out where



  • The wording can be changed by changing the corresponding language strings in language files. You only need to find out where they are. The main language file in the languages folder contains several language strings that are connecting with "Friends". If there are any strings missing in the main language file you will have to look into the plugins' language files, too.

    It's very unlikely that you need to search in any code files. You can use the Translation Editor plugin but you can also change the language strings without using it. Best would be to create your own plugin consisting of a placeholder start.php file (no content needed beside <?php at the beginning), a manifest file and a language file containing any language strings that you want to customize. If you place this plugin below the others your changed wording will override the original wording.

  • Hi Iionly & Ed

    Thanks for your suggestions,

    Translation Editor suggested by Ed worked perfectly for me.

    I am core PHP developer so I tried to find & edit some php file containing both php and html codes -- but this is not the case with Elgg - I realized.

    i will try to build plugin - which I think will help me practice & learn elgg

    Thanks once again

  • Here is a plugin you can use as an example. However, I've found that translation editor does everything that I want for editing text except for the use and order of %s in phrases that contain multiple %s.

  • Translation editor should also be able to work for multiple %s's as long as you know the correct way to use it :)

  • @Dhananjay Gupta:

    Translation Editor just changes the content of the language strings. Elgg uses vsprintf to fill in the variables. If you want to change the order of the variables have a look at

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