sluggish servers Arvixe.. ?

I am with arvixe for 2 of my clients and 2 of my sites too as elgg recommends arvixe so i joined, since joining i have had a problem with a slow server once in 3 weeks, after reading online reviews i see many peoples on vps servers shared hosting esspecially saying there sites are down alot and after 2 months arvixe starts to ask them to upgrade or face suspension because they are using to much cpu, on sites with no traffic, so i am not sure what to do after reading 100's of reviews online.

Basically hostgator and blue host seem to be the hosts of choice is this true should i go to hostgaotr soon as i told my clients not to buy a big package and i did not buy a long big package myself as i was still unsure about arvixe servers quality.

So far i must admit arvixe has been good just 1 down time so far, though this is worrying after reading all these reviews and i am really thinking hostgator and blue host are number 1 for server up time and other things which i have mentioned above.

NEED advice please from arvixe customers not affiliates lol

  • in 95% of cases i have received rapid responses to all my questions in leaseweb support - which is better than the many other host groups i have used. leaseweb operates centers in multiple continental areas, so possibly those based of america may have different experiences to me here.

    the leaseweb servers which provide root access and direct server login are not backed up by leaseweb, no.. that is your responsibility. your data could be deleted accidentally by any host, so backups are always a requirement.

    i would prefer to use a host that is using truly green energy sources, which few do - despite their claims to be using 'green energy certificates' or other such marketing mis-directions. i recall there is a data center in iceland called 'thor' which looks like a great choice - partway between america and europe and based in a more ethical political environment than many locations... it is also powered by geo-thermal sources.. you may need to locate a group who uses thor's data center rather than going with the thor group directly, unless you have a large site/budget.


  • thanks for the info ura soul much appreciated : ) i will buy a small package to test them out why not lol 

  • well in the end who wins? of course owned by llyods banking group billionaire bank so you have nothing to worry about and they host to some major companies rumored to be part of youtube... so in the end i found the best host : ) all the other hosts are ok but there prices are too high and not enough bandwidth they cant compete with billionaires ^_^

    though if you want shared hosting arvixe is the best right now even though some people have had problems arvixe is the best at this time and the site ura soul  mentioned seems good to but has some bad reviews but all hosts have problems it comes with any host you go with.

    if anyone needs more information ask google: sitename review

  • and more confusion as usual lol is owned by uk2 group and they have there own site so who to use uk2 or 100tb omg finding the right host is a complete nightmare 

  • @Just23

    We are sorry that you have such an experience at Arvixe. Some of the things you have mentioned do not follow with the polices Arvixe has in place so if you would provide us with your old user name or domain name that would be greatly appreciated so we can find out what happened (I also sent you a private message which you can reply to). I do want to touch on some of the points you made as to what our policies are. 

    "they said I was exceeding the maximum allowed traffic . I was confused because it said unlimited." -- We provide Unlimited Bandwidth. No company will be able to provide Unlimited Traffic. This means you do not need to watch the number of Megabytes/Gigabytes you use each month. What the tech was referring to was that your site was getting too many visits and was using too many system resources like CPU, RAM or # of processes. Those are not unlimited and unfortunately can't be. (This limits are very high through so it would take a lot to have it reached).

    "2 months before expiration they accidentally deleted my account and all my entire files." -- Our billing system is completely automated so no tech interaction is need. In order for your account to be deleted a request would have been need to be made to close the account or to have been overdue for a extended period of time. We also keep and give full access to the backups we make of your account so you can restore any files that you need to.

    " But the good thing for arvixe they refunded me to my account which I could use the refund to renew my domain but they do not refund to my credit card." If you gave you a refund after your 60 days or a credit we would not be able to refund to your CC. This is because Credit card companies will not allow a refund back to the card after a certain amount of time.


    We are always improving our services and our staff to make sure that we are providing an excellent service. Any time there is an issue we have a team that reviews it and works to make sure it never occurs again. If you have any issues you feel need extra attention our QA team is 24/7 to make sure those issue are resolved, one of our QA staff, Adam, posted earlier on the forum. We are here to help anyone that has an questions or an issue with their service.



  • My site is also hosted in arvixe.. I dont experiance any slowness in my site.. as far i know arvixe is the best for elgg hosting....

  • i just moved a domain to arvixe : ) , it seems arvixe is good they may have a few probs here and there but compared to ok i will name names, awardspace arvixe is level 100 and awardspace is is level 0 , finding the right hosting company is a big nightmare to be honest as theres always people having problems with all hosts as that is just how it is and you just have to pick the host with the least problems and best support, arvixe is number 1 for shared hosting theres no doughts about that though they could change there dedicated hsoting prices to compete with as my client wants to move to them but i can not be bothered with all the moving hosts stuff its a headake, in the end i am jutgoing to stick with arvixe and see what happens as i cant be doing with all this finding a host stress!

  • oh and arvixe shared hosting is 200gig a month bandwidth which is not unlimited but better than most hosts i have seen for the price of cheap hosting and you can use cron jobs too with arvixe unlike most hosts including my own hosting company which i am going to sell soon.

  • Its amazing some of the free stuff available online, these sites are good sites well they seem good to me and have good ranks too.

    Free 200 gig a month bandwidth..

    free cron jobs too and you can auto install most cms's free!

    You can upload elgg with ftp filezilla free

    by the way just to help everyone theres many sites like this>

    and free domain 2 years 

    obviously its all free so i do not know if you can run anything but a test site on there or use for free php chat etc not sure to be honest but some good stuff, though using free services like this you can not moan or say much if anything goes wrong lol and other stuff would love some feedback

  • Is this for real or is there some kind of con here???

    heres another 200 gig a month bandwidth


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    • 200GB Bandwidth
    • Removable Footer Link
    • cpanel and Auto Installer
    • UNLIMITED Subdomains
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