sluggish servers Arvixe.. ?

I am with arvixe for 2 of my clients and 2 of my sites too as elgg recommends arvixe so i joined, since joining i have had a problem with a slow server once in 3 weeks, after reading online reviews i see many peoples on vps servers shared hosting esspecially saying there sites are down alot and after 2 months arvixe starts to ask them to upgrade or face suspension because they are using to much cpu, on sites with no traffic, so i am not sure what to do after reading 100's of reviews online.

Basically hostgator and blue host seem to be the hosts of choice is this true should i go to hostgaotr soon as i told my clients not to buy a big package and i did not buy a long big package myself as i was still unsure about arvixe servers quality.

So far i must admit arvixe has been good just 1 down time so far, though this is worrying after reading all these reviews and i am really thinking hostgator and blue host are number 1 for server up time and other things which i have mentioned above.

NEED advice please from arvixe customers not affiliates lol

  • i have : ) thanks, this is not advertising just pointing out the price difference, though you and arvixe people's replys maybe advertsing lol ^_^

  • i got a email from arvixe they said they can match hostgator and showed me the details and the price is cheaper so not bad : )

  • Lately hostgator has been getting a lot of bad reviews been reading reviews arvixe is better than hostgator just read on reviews site you will find on google, so it seems arvixe has been doing well in the last few months to get its reputation back in order well done arvixe. so at this time i would recommend arvixe and not hostgator, and i will be buying a dedicated server from arvixe soon. 


  • arvixe sent me this they said i can share here and elgg is with arvixe so i do not think it is a problem please click the link on elgg hosting page.


    Process Number: *single*
    Processor: *Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3110 @ 3.00GHz Dual Core*
    Hard Drive #1: *500 GB IDE/SATA HDD*
    Memory: *4 GB*
    Operating System: *CentOS / RedHat Linux 5.x 64 bit*
    Control Panel: *cPanel/WHM with Fantastico and Softaculous Latest Unlimited Domains*
    Bandwidth: *10000 GB*
    IP Addresses: *5*
    Uplink: *100 Mbps*
    $135 / month.


    Now thats a good deal! very nice arvixe is changing there prices by the way so it is a good time to be with arvixe they are improving in many ways : )

  • I have had very sad experienced with Arvixe.. I picked the personal class webhosting for $7/ month but it's too slow so I upgraded to business class for $22/m and its getting better and supposed to be I would be okay to stay with them but for several months with them 1 of their staff blocked my account for they said I was exceeding the maximum allowed traffic . I was confused because it said unlimited. So instead of extending my service with them earlier, I hold my plan and thinking twice if I should but   2 months before expiration they accidentally deleted my account and all my entire files. They admitted their mistake but it took 1 week for them to restore my files but my sub domains and other setting are good bye.. its really hurt for me to work back from the very start settings, adding email, etc.. so disgusting. But the good thing for arvixe they refunded me to my account which I could use the refund to renew my domain but they do not refund to my credit card.

    I moved to but its more terrible and vey slow compare to Arvixe.

    Lastly I found and I'm about 1 month there and its faster for just $5/m it's enough for me to have a speed as Arvixe of $22/m. I hope I could not encounter problem here in (  )

  • to be honest my clients new site has been down for 4 hours now a new site just days old, they said they are fixing it, all hosting companys have problems as i own a hosting company too but we can not handle a dedicated server as that is what my client will upgrade too soon now on a shared host package for 6 months, that site seems ok i got told i am not allowed to talk about hosting by the admins so i wont mention any links i am just not sure what host to go with as they all have issues its really stressful choosing a host, my client is blaming me for choosing arvixe : ( i might lose my clinet and basically my job with them they are already talking about asking someone else to recommend a good host! i really do not know what to do this is really stressing me out, as i said no host is perfect and thats the problem if i move to another host i am sure they will have issues too at times. I am just plain confused to be honest

  • site is back up and working good now : ) basically most hosts are the same, and i am sure arvixe are improving as they are making a lot of money so it can only get better i hope, they said they just bought new servers too and they are matching and even doing cheaper prices than hostgator, hopefully i do not get your issues Just23 , they should get some more staff as the company is getting very big very fast and that is the problem i am sure.

  • unlimited bandwidth is a lie.. simply a mis-selling and malpractise.

    i have found leaseweb to be relatively honest, reliable and low-priced.

  • thanks ura soul wow site looks good and they got a good rank too : ) v cheap! lol still choosing the right host is a bigh headake if anyone wants to inbox me feel free : )

  •   Leaseweb is the worst server company I've been using before. No support, no responses to our multiple emails... But the worst thing is that they have wiped my server disks by mistake, and now they can't recover this info. My personal suggestion: Don't buy Leaseweb servers.

    lol seems like every host company has the same problems you cant win lol arvixe and every other host had the same problem well most hosts i have seen anyway on reviews, or maybe the person is working for another host trying to ruin hosts names, lol its never ending omg, am gonna stick with arvixe as they are rated better in the end no one knows what host is the best becasue it seems like there all the same just different prices.

    in the end there all the same it seems to me though i do not think anyone can ever say who the best host is, the frustration will never end lol!!! inbox please anyone : ) hmm leaseweb lol they are cheap! ah the stress of moving host domain tranfer gotta wait 2 months and i am sure they will give me issues just as arvixe so i may just stay with arvixe though the prices are higher so again i am not sure omg lol!!