sluggish servers Arvixe.. ?

I am with arvixe for 2 of my clients and 2 of my sites too as elgg recommends arvixe so i joined, since joining i have had a problem with a slow server once in 3 weeks, after reading online reviews i see many peoples on vps servers shared hosting esspecially saying there sites are down alot and after 2 months arvixe starts to ask them to upgrade or face suspension because they are using to much cpu, on sites with no traffic, so i am not sure what to do after reading 100's of reviews online.

Basically hostgator and blue host seem to be the hosts of choice is this true should i go to hostgaotr soon as i told my clients not to buy a big package and i did not buy a long big package myself as i was still unsure about arvixe servers quality.

So far i must admit arvixe has been good just 1 down time so far, though this is worrying after reading all these reviews and i am really thinking hostgator and blue host are number 1 for server up time and other things which i have mentioned above.

NEED advice please from arvixe customers not affiliates lol

  • re: after 2 months with arvixe they say the server starts going bad etc and arvixe asks them to upgrade etc or be suspended with sites with no traffic ( for using to much cpu ) these are form reviews i have read, i am thinking arvixe has improved since these posts were made though i need people to comment here and let me know what they think? 

  • I've been using Arvixe for 2 1/2 years and have had no complaints.  Those complaining probably had sites with 'bugs' causing their own problems...moving to another host didn't fix that...but they will not go back and ammend their critical posts so...take them with a grain of salt.

  • i see thanks for the feedback : ) are you using dedicated servers with them and shared hosting? more feed back please people lets clear up these worrying forum comments, as there is a lot of arvixe users here

  • I use the cheapest shared service.  Just as an aside I started using 1.7+ and hesitated to update because my site was working perfectly with everything I wanted but I eventually had a spammer problem, easy enough to simply delete the few of them once/twice a day.  That changed one day and I was attacked by bots which, over a period of a few weeks, made that over a hundred registrations a day and, finally, I got 15,000 registrations in one night (while I was asleep), which broke my site.  The customer service was great, had my site up with the latest 1.8+ (and loaded my data base back up) right away.  I spent a few weeks, finding the new 1.8 mods I wanted, made changes to my registration page (to make it harder for spammers/bots) and was back in business.  I have no complaints about Arvix.   

  • @UK I can't really talk much about 'that customer'. However I can tell you that we do authenticate in the chat and phone support to avoid misunderstandings. I'm here at the elgg community and other communities to provide help to anyone, not just people with Arvixe.

    We do not suspend people without reason. We have a TOS which you can read what can and can't do while hosting at Arvixe.

    If you have more doubts about our customer service or anything, please drop me an email

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • Clyde K thanks sounds good i am much less worried now : )   thanks rjcalifornia tell arvixe about this and tell them to make sure there servers are running good as theres plenty of competetition out there so they have to be the best of the best! ^_^ i am happy with arvixe just those comments really worried me and now i feel better about arvixe : )

  • Liang Lee thanks for the feed back sorry if i dd not reply earlyer : )

  • Hello,

    Feel free to reach out to our Quality Assurance department if you have any problems/questions.
    We work very hard to ensure that everyone is satisfied with our service and are here to help if you have problems. -- qa[at]arvixe[dot]com.

    Thank you!

  • thanks @Adam i noticed on dedicated servers compared to hostgator you only get 2 gig or 1 gig memory and with hostgator you get 4 gig memory for the same price or cheaper can you guys fix that so it is the same price? basically hostgator offers more traffic and more memory more cpu and cheaper can arvixe match that?

    heres the links to compare


  • @UK I would strongly encourage you to contact our sales department to get detailed information about our dedicated class. Since the elgg community has rules against advertising, I would strongly suggest you to contact us regarding this question.

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison