sluggish servers Arvixe.. ?

I am with arvixe for 2 of my clients and 2 of my sites too as elgg recommends arvixe so i joined, since joining i have had a problem with a slow server once in 3 weeks, after reading online reviews i see many peoples on vps servers shared hosting esspecially saying there sites are down alot and after 2 months arvixe starts to ask them to upgrade or face suspension because they are using to much cpu, on sites with no traffic, so i am not sure what to do after reading 100's of reviews online.

Basically hostgator and blue host seem to be the hosts of choice is this true should i go to hostgaotr soon as i told my clients not to buy a big package and i did not buy a long big package myself as i was still unsure about arvixe servers quality.

So far i must admit arvixe has been good just 1 down time so far, though this is worrying after reading all these reviews and i am really thinking hostgator and blue host are number 1 for server up time and other things which i have mentioned above.

NEED advice please from arvixe customers not affiliates lol

  • if your site is going slow then i would send them a ticket to move you to a different node. sometimes other customers abuse their account. they do the same with my hosting

  • i see you are with arvixe? i am worried about staying with arvixe after the reviews and i will be moving to hostgator for a dedicated server as i can not risk any down time or slow servers, what do you think @Cim ? : )

  • i would probably shop around before going with hostgator. i have a relatively cheap VPS for $7 a month. 50 gigs of space and 2gigs of ram which is pretty damn good. the reason why it's cheap is cuz it's an umanaged VPS, no special team manages it for me.

  • i see how about dedicated server? its all about quality of the service and the main thing is quality of the server and hostgator and blue host are the best but not the cheapest, i will move to them soon but staying with arvixe to see how it goes i am sure arvixe will improve there services mainly there servers soon or they will lose a lot of business. Esspecially from people like me and i am sure you may be the same as i have clients and i buy the hosting for them, i have done this for a lot of my clients and if they have down time etc slow server well i will lose that client so as far as i can tell hostgator or blue host which one is best?

  • i found this site anyone using them here?  owned by llyods banking group and usa and uk has good reviews

    also  anyone using them here?

  anyone using this host?


  anyone using any of these hosts?

  anyone using any of these hosts?

     the cheapest seems to be wopuld love some feed back

  • please provide feedback everyone here uses a host so there must be some good feedback people have to give about these services etc looks really good ?

  • i am staying with arvixe i hope everything will be ok please reply people weird how not many people have replied

  • @UK , you can buy hosting from us  24/7/365 Technical Support, fast in speed. 

  • @UK If you have an issue with a server, you must contact me as soon as possible to solve this issue and provide you with a good hosting experience.

    VPS provides you with more resources if your elgg site gets bigger in terms of users. We have high quality servers, we are upgrading servers and we just expanded to Europe, and you can request if you want to move your site to our Europe's servers. We care about our customers. Please send me on a private message or via email your billing username and the server where your elgg network is.

    We do not suspend sites with no traffic. There are details that we cannot share in public about hosting issues. We suspend based on server abuses. Sometimes it is the application the user installed that has a bug and creates a huge server load.

    If you have questions about the quality of our service, please contact me and I will gladly answer you anything. You have my personal 24/7 email and you can always contact me.

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • my server is working fine no problems just had a server slow down though to be honest i dont use any of the arvixe sites much so i have not being mnitoring them though they seem ok to me, i have no problems with arvixe its because i read lots of reviews saying there a really bad host i am upset becasue i am with them and so many people saying there not good after 2 months with arvixe they say the server starts going bad etc and arvixe asks them to upgrade etc or be suspended with sites with no traffic maybe this is the past and arvixe has changed i will stay with them on a monthly contract basis for dedicated servers and see how it goes. If after 6 months i have good servers no issues on arvixes side of things i will make sure i post this online to forums etc to let people know, untill then i am just shocked at all these users with issues, the reason i know these users were real as arvixe customer service reps were posting back to these people. reading these forum posts has made me very worried.

    My arvixe service right now is good and no problems at this time i would recommend them to anyone and ask anyone to go with a monthly plan incase they need to switch as for me i would lose a lot of money if clients were unhappy with there host as i am the one running there sites hosts and i am the one who recommends the host so to them i am the host if you can see what i mean. thanks for the reply rjcalifornia though hostgator seems to be the best host at this time though omg looks really good! but i need to talk to people who are with them and see what they have to say? anyone with them here?


    here's what made me think OMG


    my experience with arvixe so far has been good and support has been very good too, people saying after a few months arvixe starts treating them bad etc, i am just confused by these links and many more i have read.

    There are some very bad rates posts in other web hsot forums about arvixe but i do not wish to use them here as i think arvixe is ok but these reviews etc omg they really have me worried and i dont see how i can be asured about this. I will stay with arvixe and see how it goes as its the only way to see what happens.

    WOULD LOVE MORE FEEDBACK FROM ELGG USERS please let us all know about arvixe as this is serious and not just a disscusion post this is business and money and peoples lifes were talking about.