Elgg smartfeed plugin dev

Hello everybody,

I've started creating new plugin for elgg called - smartfeed.

it began as a POC for using angular with elgg, but now I decided to take it a bit farther and I'm realy working on it.

My goal is making news feed in elgg similar to the one in Facebook, I know - this is very ambitious but i do belive that it is possiable.


This is what I made so far:


*use it with facebook theme.


I'm happay to hear suggestions and realy appreciate any help, especially if you are already familer with a Angular.js.


Thx, Tomer.

  • Btw. this plugin can be a good start for creating angular.js plugins.

    use it like AngularSeed or something, all the structure is created so just change the names..

  • so it refreshes when the page is active? fb newsfeed lets you sort the feed by top news or recent. top news meaning it has a lot of likes and and comments. fb news feed looks simple but is quite complicated

  • My first intent is making the UI with angular.

    Maybe in the future I will make a basic backend implementation to start with, because the get_feed function must match your db scheme and object model, I can't make a complete plug and play plugin, to use it you will have to modify it.

    Furthermore to make a top stories sort and recent stories sort is not that complicated, you just have to make sure that your query are optimized for performance. 

  • indeed, top stories filter on the feed will check if your friends liked/commented on the status for it to actually be "top stories" on the news feed and thus will require queries to check if the relationship is there. the "people you may know" also plays a role in this "top story"

  • very nice please inbox me if you have time when its done, please test a bit before releasing : ) looking forward to this!