How to change status of all documents of a group in one time ?

Hello everybody,

I created a private group where all documents access status is restricted to group members.

For different reasons I have to change this access status, to all documents, to Public.

Is it possible to do it in only one time ?

How do I have to do ?




  • Thanks RvR for your help.

    Unfortunately, I am already using these plugins and I did not find any way to select, in one time, for example all my bookmarks, which access status is restricted to group members to "convert" all to public access. It is not question to change access group to public which is the default status. It is only for bookmarks, files and some articles.

    I get more than 50 documents to change and if I can avoid to do it manually it would be great.

    I may have missed something.

    If you have any idea,