the supajax plugin - ajaxed tabs, river and beyond

i have been creating a new plugin here which extends the easytabs plugin to apply ajax loading to the tabbed areas of elgg.

i have coded this almost non stop for 10+ days! lol.. mainly because i haven't used jquery much before and am also new to a lot of other areas of code that i am using here.

i now have the plugin so that members, groups and main entity lists (e.g. blog, videolist, tidypics etc.) load dynamically and smoothly. the river page is also done and there is vertical ajax loading to extend lists via ajax pagination too.

in fact, here's the description i started writing for the readme:


  1. common elgg tabs load dynamically, using the easytabs jquery plugin to switch smoothly between tabs. e.g. members, groups, blogs, file, pages, bookmarks, videolist, tidypics, pinboards, the wire, liked_content & more.
  2. ajax pagination is present to allow lists to grow vertically as the user clicks to load more items into the list.
  3. page headings update dynamically for each tab to increase awareness of the current page's context.
  4. tab content is cached after loading so tabs can be switched without any delay.
  5. the object type selector drop-down on the activity feed page triggers dynamic loads of the filtered list of content into the river.
  6. supports the featured tab from the blog_tools plugin if blog_tools is installed.
  7. adds a 'groups' tab to entity lists and the river to allow you to view the content of the current type that is in any groups you are a member of.


  1. integrate auto-update feature from the river_addon plugin for live river updates.
  2. integrate dynamic liking, commenting and deletion for the river from the customactivity plugin.
  3. modularisation of code to allow new tabs to be created - possibly via the admin interface and possibly using an anypages type of approach.

if anyone would like to help me here and accelerate the coding then let me know and we can setup a shared approach somehow, possibly using github.
regardless i will possibly have a version for testing by the community in the next few days.