where is the view: 'core/river/sidebar'?

i'm looking at 'pages/river.php' and i see:

$sidebar = elgg_view('core/river/sidebar');


but that view is not in the view folder or anywhere that i can locate by searching?!
anyone know why?

  • i've worked-round my reason for wanting to find this view now..

    however, i still wonder where the view resides since it is being called explicitly!

  • I think this view does not exist by default. The reason it gets called in pages/river.php is to be able to include any custom content in the sidebar that you want to be displayed on the river page either by creating this view within your own plugin or simply by extending the core/river/sidebar view (you can extend an empty view, too).

  • oh ok, i experienced some confusion for a while since i was seeing the owner_block loading for the river page in the sidebar when viewing a 'friend's river' and didn't know how to prevent that. (i needed to set the page owner to be the logged in user).