Just a look of my upcoming Awsome theme!!!

Here is just the starting stage look of my upcoming theme for elgg with the "cover photo" concept like that of facebook and much more so guys wait and watch @UK this for you, you wanted an awsome theme right??


  • Cool!.. Are u trying to work on the rivertalk plugin also?? Maybe you could add some features and design to it like facebook e.d Add photo/Videos instead of the Embed Content!

  • The banner is nice. One side of the tree someone is fighting or pointing a gun at someone who is miserable and screaming and begging for mercy and on the other part of the tree a beautiful and a handsome person are having fun... So, i was just starring at it and thinking about the pain that tree is going through-- one side of tree life is full of surprise or fear and on the right side of the tree life is blooming with fun, warmth, and love. Anyway: I liked this post and this other post at http://community.elgg.org/discussion/view/1518715/just-to-let-you-know

  • @Dave i currently did not have any plan of modifing rivertalk but after working on the view of my theme ill suerly consider working on a plugin so that we could directly add content via rivertalk!"!