how to moderate a community

I would like the new user write something about himself herself in order that I approve or not new users.


Or do you have an other way to do it ?

  • i think you can use profile manager for that though not 100% sure maybe using roles and moderator roles too all those 3 plugins together might help you

  • First problem is that I don't know how to do all that. the best thing would be that I ask question at the registration. And if user reply I accept it if they don't reply I delete the account.


    Is it possible to do it afterwar. User register and I ask them to fiel a profile questions. Then I can keep them or not.


    Or do you have solution to start a network under invitation.

  • I opened the registration and now I still have in less than 24 hours 4 registrations. I think it should be robot. Elgg is not useable at that point. I close the registration untill I find a solution.