Error in image uploading...

Hello sir,

please check this page and then you can figure whats the real problem


When users upload images in their profile.... the images cant be viewed ... i still cant find the way to fix this problem... please help me

  • For the record: uploading of profile images and images using the file plugin also is done with the GD image library. If this works / worked on your site it's highly unlikely that you have any general problem with the GD php extension on your server. Also, the problem with the GD extension is mainly the high memory requirement for resizing large images. That's why I had asked you to test uploading a single small image and you said that even a 40kByte image failed to be uploaded correctly. That's why I was doubtful about any memory limitations being the cause of your problem.

    Of course, the GD extension could be the problem on your new server (as you said the problem started only after changing server). Even though you solved the problem now for Tidypics by switching to imagick you would still need to make sure that the GD extension works as your users wouldn't be able to upload profile images otherwise. The GD php extension is a basic requirement for using Elgg.

    Btw.: usage of the Imagick php extension or of the ImageMagick executables IS aleady recommended in Tidypics's FAQs in case of memory issues.