Error in image uploading...

Hello sir,

please check this page and then you can figure whats the real problem


When users upload images in their profile.... the images cant be viewed ... i still cant find the way to fix this problem... please help me

  • You are using a version of Tidypics that no longer works on Elgg 1.8.15 or newer. Use this version of Tidypics instead:

    If you also can't upload profile images then it's quite likely that either the GD php extension is not installed (or not enabled) on your server or that the permissions set for the data directory of your site does not allow saving of files into it.

  • I did as your wish.. updated it.... but still am getting same error


    And am pretty sure GD is working properly... and i got some doubt on the premission... let me know which folders do i want to change the permission.. and i need the premission code... 777 or 446 or something..

  • It's quite confusing to identify what entries you have created with the new version of Tidypics and what you have created with the old version.

    I noticed that you were able to upload an image to be used as your profile image. Therefore, I don't think there's a permission issue with the data directory.

    What you have to figure out is if the image upload fails for ANY image or if it might work (currently) at least for small images. Try uploading a single, small image (small both regarding file size and image resolution). I would suggest an image not larger than maybe 100-200 kByte for a start. Best would be to use the basic uploader for testing.

    Does it work for this single image? If you don't see the image to be displayed on your site after the upload it could be for two reasons: either the upload/saving failed or the image has been correctly uploaded but fails to show (likely due to a conflict with another plugin). If the image fails to show check out if it has been saved in the data directory (i.e. the user's subdirectory within the data directory). If the image and also the resized copies of the image files are there, the problem is due to another plugin on your site. If the image files are not there, what are the current permissions of the data directory and also the subsequent subdirectories. Also, does the data directory belongs to a user and group that the webserver is allowed to read/write?

    If it works for small images but not for larger images, you most likely need to increase some php limitations like post_max_size and upload_max_filesize. This should be possible by changing the values within Elgg's .htaccess file. You should check the server info tab of the Tidypics settings page to make sure your changes are used. If not, you might not be allowed to change these values due to limitations set by your webhoster.

  • Here You go... check the server status... and i own server... its not hosted in some hosting company... and i did everything that i can.. 

    Now what can i do?

    The last picture i uploaded is 40Kb.. and i see a blank screen when i upload the image.. but the images are uploaded and in the photos section.. while i try to open

    i cant open..  Or give me some other plugin to upload images... 


  • Have you cleanly updated to the new version of Tidypics by removing the old folder first?

    Is the album you are uploading the images to a group album or not?

    Have you tested if any other plugin installed on your site might cause the problem?

  • nope... from the first itself am using this plugin.... all these problem happend when i switched my hosting server to new server.... but in the server i dont see any issues... is there anywya to get the backups and install the elgg back again?

  • When the problem started right after moving to another server it's very likely that this is the cause of the problem - and if you have mentioned this already in the first place it might have helped.

    Have you correctly moved your site following the instructions at Especially, updating the database entries correctly is important. Also, a problem with incorrect access permissions for files and subdirectories in the data directory of your site becomes now very likely again. Check out if all subdirectories have correct read/write permissions. Also check if they all belong to an account and group Apache is capable of reading/writing as.

    And if you don't have any full backup I don't see any way to create a backup now. If you do have a full backup then you can of course use it to restore the state of the site using it. If the backup was taken from your old server you would of course need to make the adjustment described in the linked instructions about duplicating an installation.

  • ok just tell me which folders neeed read/write permission... what is the permission number?  777 or 755 

    JUst give me the list of folder that i want to change the permission... so i will do it

  • If you have your data directory outside the document root (that's what directly accessible via Internet) as it is supposed to be, you can give the whole data directory and everything within it 777 permissions without problems.

    Have you correctly done everything else suggested in the instructions of how to move a site? If not, it's rather pointless to make any further suggestions of how to fix your problem. I'm not making suggestions for fun but because it's important to have this configurations done correctly.

  •  I'm not making suggestions for fun but because it's important to have this configurations done correctly.

    Answer : am not here for fun tooo... am just here to know whats the problem.

    Now the problem is fixed and thanks for the help... always recomment users to use imagick... not GD..

    Now i changed to ImageMagick and everything works fine :)