Just to let you know

Hi everyone,

I am the developer of this theme you may know Cool Theme http://community.elgg.org/plugins/857983/1.0/my-cool-theme and http://community.elgg.org/plugins/912720/2.1.1/my-ultimate-cool-theme

I am just telling you that I am working now on Elgg 1.9 and I am about to publish a BIG update to the cool theme...

See you soon on the plugin page guys ;)

  • I like cool theme and admired it a lot in my early ellging days but the idea is that why not make something diffrent from facebook something cool using the awsomeness of the elgg system!!!

  • @Tom nice photoshop edit man! You almost got me :)

    @Selen Do not worry about the core! I didn't touch it. Just modifications to some mods

    @Pranjal... Well, I only use the Facebook UX/UI, all features are using Elgg system and architecture.

    To all : almost sure the code will be there on Sunday!

  • today is sunday!!.  when you are going to release codes. waiting ... :p

  • The free plugin is completly done. I am still working hard for the website and the complete installation.

    The complete installation is my theme + modifications to those plugins to suit to the UX and design :

    • Tidypics
    • Mobilize
    • Suggested friends
    • Event manager
    • GalliStatus
    • Member Selfdelete
    • Friend Request


  • To have the most perfect integration of my theme, I also had to modify every basic Elgg plugin (messageboard, thewire,...)

    So don't be suprised with the free version if some parts are missing (icons and links to some specific plugin pages) I can only advice you to buy the full version which includes my /mod/ folder with all the modifications

  • Why are you not able to make all modifications within your theme plugin?

    It sounds a rather bad idea to me to rely on basically a complete fork of Elgg only to be able to use your theme. "Not modify core files" does also include files of the bundled plugins! Anyone deciding to use your theme will be depending on you updating not only your theme but also all core plugins when future versions become available. And I'm sorry to say this seems a rather stupid idea considering that you did not release any fixes for your existing themes for much more than a year. Do you guarantee long time support for all the people starting to use your fork of Elgg or will you let them alone when it turns out that your idea of making money by selling an Elgg fork fails.

    And what about the license you plan to sell your Elgg fork? I hope you don't plan to change the license from GPLv2 to something else and violate the copyright of the Elgg developers by doing so.

    Right now I can only advice anyone against using your theme or get trapped in starting to use your "customized" Elgg version.

  • There's no reason to be forking other plugins, it's *very, very rare* that I ever have to touch code in another plugin to make something look/behave differently.  Doing so usually is a sign that you don't really understand elgg

  • You are both right gentlemen.

    Elgg seems quite dead compared to some frameworks. The dev is quite slow, there is a lot of time between each release with not that much improvements...I can find many arguments against it now, but as you are doing guys, I keep working with it and try to make it better.

    To prove mister Beckett (and also to please haters like iionly) that I fully understand Elgg, I will rewrite all my plugin about the modifications I made to others plugins, I can track my code easily so it won't take long time.

    New roadmap, expect this now :

    Two different packages =>

    • A limited plugin (a theme) which brings you the design and layout for a fresh 1.8.16 install and support bundle plugins.
    • A plugin ($) with all my modifications.

    So it will just be a plugin, not a complete /mod/ folder.

    For those who wish to pay:

    • I will guarantee a support till the official Elgg 1.9 release
    • The plugin will handle numerous existing plugins (tidypics, mobilize...) I will display the list somewhere.

    At the end, I am sorry to all those who waited my theme, but I would like to give to the community something perfect and which respect the Elgg philosphy.

  • when you are going to upload the theme plugin .so that i can try that.

  • This weekend. full release

    The work is done, I am doing the website right now