Just to let you know

Hi everyone,

I am the developer of this theme you may know Cool Theme http://community.elgg.org/plugins/857983/1.0/my-cool-theme and http://community.elgg.org/plugins/912720/2.1.1/my-ultimate-cool-theme

I am just telling you that I am working now on Elgg 1.9 and I am about to publish a BIG update to the cool theme...

See you soon on the plugin page guys ;)

  • ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Looks really nice!!! i like the notifications bit too! You really are one of the best theme providers opn elgg thanks for this i really like this theme as it has the functions of facebook tagged etc without being a copy of those sites it is original!

    please make sure the search box is small Staszek  so we can show all icons etc chat room and all those things if possible i can just delete the search box and elgg search will show so its not a problem, so the liking peoples comments and also writing on your own wall and other peoples walls works now? cant wait! obviosly not many people have seen this post as this is a big theme! when you add this to plugins omg lol its gonna go crazy for your theme / plugin! : )

  • not free!! , please make it free , i was waiting for this for about 3 months , but if it will not free , i could not downloadd it.

  • how to install an other theme ? How to see how it looks ? I am feeling very beginer and didn't find the documentation

  • I hope you will appreciate it and it will help Elgg itself to become more attractive to everyone!

    I am under tons of work right now but I can assure you the plugin will be released before Sunday :-)

    Also the code will be hosted and improved on a dedicated website where I put all my stuff (further informations will come the day of the release)

    I appreciate many of you sent me messages. BUT I will not do a special editing of the theme for you, it is like Elgg, a basis. It is your work to make it your own way.

    @UK thank you. For the search box, you will just have to adjust the CSS to your convienance...

    @PS$ : the theme itself will be free. But my whole Elgg installation not.

    @krimsb : If you are french, je peux t'aider. Otherwise read the docs in the developers section.

  • very nice! @Staszek thankyou for your contribution to elgg, will you make a paid theme like this too? if so let me know please and any other themes you have made or selling please let me know as your themes are very futureistic! 

  • At the end, I will release two codes :

    • My mod (for free) + my full Elgg installation ($) for 1.8.16 branch and will be supported for the latest 1.8.x release till the official release of Elgg 1.9
    • My mod (for free) + my full Elgg installation ($) for 1.9.x branch

    Any recommandation please send me a message or just mail me at staszek@wisb.me

  • Do you mean to say you have modified the core and expect people to pay for it?

  • What kind of coder do you think I am? :) Of course I didn't modify the core!!

    If you modify the core how can you upgrade your installation? I have only worked in the /mod/ folder

  • Just to let you know, this is my fifth attempt to use elgg. I cannot find even basic instructions. Wire river? What are you people talking about. Please help me get going so I don't have to uninstall again.