NC- Soft Paywall.

Soft Paywall

This plugin will help promote existing Elgg Sites, as well as collect payments.


I'm seeking a coder to design a plug-in for elgg 1.8 that


  1. Locks Pages and groups. Admin must be able to ''turn on'' locker on any created Page, or Group.

  2. Displays content saved in Settings. This must have box where Admin can save code or text AND

  3. show share buttons- Required Facebook share, and Pintrest. This could allow existing share this or other plugin, or use its own.

  4. Admin must be able to select if existing members view locker or not.

  5. Admin must be able to select if existing Group members view content locker or not.



Example for how plug-in works.

Admin creats group ''rare coins'' and sets it public. Visitor finds site, and sees content locker.


Content locker displays text set and shows share buttons.

Content locker displays advertiement and shows share buttons

Content Locker shows share buttons.


Choosing to Share always unlocks content locker.


Leave a reply with your thoughts on this project. Payment will be discussed via PM only,





Professional Services

Professional Services

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