Notifications, Cron and Videolist...

I have a problem in my web (7K users) with the notification system, both by eMail as private messages. Elgg is launching automatically notices of new videos that are not real, these videos were posted several weeks ago.

A few days ago we delete all notifications with a script but Elgg rebuilds all notices of new videos that are not real. Does anyone have a similar problem?, How it solved? Thank you!

  • i am now seeing a similar issue again here.. where video notifications are being sent multiple times.
    i no longer us the view_counter plugin since you pointed to it being the cause of some videolist notification glitches.. however, i am now using the coldtrick equivalent plugin 'entity_view_counter' - so i will investigate if that is the cause of the situation here.
    in my case the video notifications are for real videos, though the notifications are being sent too many times.

  • hmm.. i am seeing this same issue again even without view_counter installed.
    soon i will debug this.