Users asking me if they can see there own pages for me to add a menu for my pages etc my blogs etc

a user said to me, When I go to Pages, for exemple, I see all sites , I can add one new but I can´t see my work, what is the url for my pages?  eg:  sitename/pages/mine  sitename/pages/owner ? they do not work to fix this issue i would just need the correct url for my blogs my pages etc so users can click a menu item saying my pages  or my blogs my posts etc

  • I doubt it that anyone will create such a plugin for you. First, any user can already access their own blogs/pages/etc. simply by selecting the "Mine" tab for example on the blogs/pages/wire etc. pages. Secondly, the exact behaviour of such a plugin would be highly specific for every single site because someone might want only a menu entry for the personal blogs of a users while other might want also a menu entry for pages - would anyone really want dozens of additional menu entries for every eventuality? And lastly, such a plugin is not that difficult to write on your own. You would only need to create the corresponding menu entry / entries within the init function of such a plugin and maybe add a language file containing the menu text to allow for multiple languages to be used on the site. A single menu item would be created within the init function for example for a user's blogs with

    elgg_register_menu_item('site', array('name' => mine_blogs, 'text' => elgg_echo('menu_title_mine_blogs'), 'href' => 'pages/owner/' . elgg_get_logged_in_user_entity()->username));

    In the same manner all other menu entries you would want could be created.

  • nice thanks for the information iionly  : ) its helped alot 

  • just checked i do not have a option for mine on anything on my site, using easy theme

  • menu builder is quite difficult for me to use well very difficult if i am honest, i am sure other people have the need to let people view there own blogs will anyone make a plugin for this? : )


    It's significantly less difficult than programming, unless there's a plugin conflict or some technical reason you can't use menu_builder, buck up and learn how to use it, it's really not difficult to be honest, and is very powerful

  • ok i will! ^_^ i would be very proud of myself if i can figure out how to use menu builder as there is a tutorial but its says for css and i dont know css i need to learn alot to be honest if anyone has any tutorials for this and learning css and php everything you need to know to use elgg effectivly then please give me some tutorial links asap : ) i will make a post about this as it is important