Best host for support for elgg Dedicated managed server

Why am i posting this?

I will have  millions of users and if it takes 2 days to fix a problem eg: server erro 500 error ht access error etc, with arvixe i would loose my job and be replaced without a 2nd thought and also have very bad feedback and lose future jobs with other companys assosiated with the companys i work for.


Hello i need to find a good host fast as i will need a dedicated server in 1 or 2 weeks maybe days! I signed up to arvixe to test them out on a small host package , 6 months, i find there support very slow and i am not happy and now i have to find a new hosting company, maybe because i am new is why the support is not good and i do not know the system well enough? i am thinking a2 hosting or hostgator or bluehost?

I am looking to buy a managed dedicated server and will be using a elgg site to cator for millions of users so this is very important, arvixe seems ok can i have some feedback please?

I had a server error 500 server error submied a support ticket got a reply after 10 hours saying they will speed up my ticket, though i never got the problem fixed... i closed the ticket after the 2nd day, at first there support seemed really good but when i had a problem it was like i was in a que of 100 people with problems and questions. Please correct me if i am wrong or have not used there support correctly? Maybe which most probably the reason is arvixe has to many customers and it takes them a long time to go through all the support tickets etc?

If your not bothered about support & can handle just about any problem then i would say arvixe is a very good host, though for me support is number 1 in my reason for choosing a host for a dedicated server using a elgg opensource platfrom.

OK SEEMS USING THE LIVE CHAT IS HOW TO GET SUPPORT FAST just alking to them now so this is how you get support fast with arvixe : ) i may stay with them now