Slow site?

Just recently started having slow connection with my elgg site.  Called godaddy and they said server is fine and that the website was loading slowly.  Disabled some pluggins to see if there was any change in loading but still have a slow site.  Needing help figuring out whats wrong and what i need to do to speed it up..! 


test / tester  account!

  • Fatal error in exception handler. Check log for Exception #1381397502

    this is wat i got when i flushed the caches!

  • Check your error_log. The number 1381397502 correspond to the timestamp.

  • where would that be cause i can't find the error_log folder?


  • Ask your hoster where the error log (Apache error log and / or php error log) is saved on your server. The log is not created by Elgg itself but Elgg adds the error messages to these logs. The location of the log files depends on the server configuration, so we can't tell you where to look but your hoster can.

  • not getting errors no more but site is running so slow i don't know whats going on spoke to godaddy that host my server and they said nothing wrong on there end that its something to do with elgg!


  • did you try turning all plugins off and then turning the ones you need one by one? try turning all of them off and view the site again, it might be a plugin related issue.

    if that's not the issue then look at your error logs.

  • How many users? Are you getting hit by spammers? How many plugins? Any frameworks installed?

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • 70 users have the hammer plugin running along with 50 different plugins no frameworks

    but its funny cause theres times where its working fine but then its starts running slow again and stays that way for awhile

  • @ LT, next version of hammer plugin will be able to slow down or restrict access for automated tools or Flood tools, Brute force tools, Vulnerability scanners, and even ban some ip address from messing up with your site...

    Are you hosting your site as a shared hosting? If yes, other websites scripts might be slowing down your disk..


  • I'm on shared hosting!