Can anyone suggest a video player for elgg with no bugs?

we need to display videos on the elgg site and not from youtube, only logged in users will be able to see these videos and watch them, any advice plugins or ideas on how it can be implemented with ease?

  • i am also having problems with file upload keeps saying 

    The size of file(s) uploaded exceeded the limit set by your site administrator

    i have searched for 4 hours tried a few things edited ht access and ht_dist people keep saying edit the php.ini file lol there is no php.ini file and i can not find a php.ini file to download and add to my elgg site : (

    also the video player i am using plays sound but not the videos on small video files i managed to sucsessfuly upload, i am using Veeplay elgg plugin. help please spent 8 hours trying to sort this out.

  • i edited the ht acsess before isntalling elgg and it works now can upload any size i like, now to get a video player that works lol

  • UK ,There are several reasons that might make you want your own PHP.ini file   

    1.  if you are unable to edit or access php.ini
    2.  if you have tried to edit  .htaccess file  and didn't work for you (because PHP is running as CGI, not as an Apache module)
    3.  If you are unable to upload your own php.ini file to the root folder of your Elgg installation (i.e. the folder containing Elgg's index.php).
    4.  Finally, if you don't know what else to put in your Php.ini... I mean, if you upload your own custom php.ini, it will replaces the default php.ini installed in by your hosting company... And if your custom php.ini has no enough setting ... i guarantee you with “Affordable Care Act”--  lol, your site will break or not run the way it is supposed to run.

    I have a one line code that can make your work php.ini easier, I mean very very very easy to access your Php.ini  ....

  • there is no such thing as php.ini : ( why does everyone keep saying edit php.ini there isnt one, can you explain i must be not understanding something? i edited the htaccess file before installing elgg and it works perfect posted on another post the fix took me 5 hours to solve it omg lol hey tom thanks for the reply it is most appreciated, i am using veeplay  video player is there anything better? or is this a good one as it works good now : ) 

  • @ UK, If you still need the line code for your PHP.INI, what the code will do is, it will copy the same php.ini from your hosting company and paste it in your Elgg root directory within nano seconds and then you can stire at it and wonder where and why it has been hiding from you for all this time. If you still have energy left you can tell it that “you can run but you can’t hide.” Former U.S President George Bush. In addition while stirring at it and wondering what to change and no to change, remind it “Next time you hide from me, I will move heaven and earth to find you” President Barack Obama. And then, after taking a deep breath, you can edit it or just leave it alone for future changes and access...

  • lol nice reply ha ha, hey tom seriously what is the php.ini file it does not exist?? or maybe you mean the ht access file? as php.ini does not exist unless you make it yourself, i have solved the problem thankfully lol, tom what is the best video player for elgg? a player that does not use youtube just for videos on your own server so i am youtube lol deep breath taken waiting for your reply ^_^ 

  • hey tom can you recommend any paid plugins for my education site? or even themes too? though i think i have a good theme editing it now with easy theme, omg wish i found easy theme sooner did not relise you could make new themes with it!

  • sometimes as a mp4 i get this error message on the veeplay video player

    ''access denied or file not found''

    when trying to play the video with veeplay only works for mp4 nothing else works right now, need a better player or maybe need to change some settings?

  • You can make a very simple plugin using HTML5 video tag with a JS fallback that will play most video and audio files (e.g.