Crowdfunding a "Share to Elgg-based-sites" instead of share from Elgg, plugin?

Hi Everybody,

I'm an Elgg enthusiast not only for the core idea and software but also for some devs in the community who are always so kind and capable....who knows me already knows this :)

But, I think there's a major difficulty shared by sites' admins: engage people and have fresh content in our communities.

Am I wrong? Don't think so.

And, I think, Elgg sites are very often missing tons of content sharing opportunities offered by existing services, at least the very popular ones like:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Sharethis
  • Dropbox
  • Addthis
  • Storify
  • Instagram
  • Ifttt
  • ...

I mean, for what I've seen, all plugins focus on sharing content from Elgg sites to external services but never (well, I haven't found any, am I wrong?) the opposite.

I guess each service needs special APIs, calls and programming but my question here is: wouldn't it be possible to start developing such a plugin for Elgg 1.8/1.9 allowing these and other services to interface with Elgg communities (of course with configurable options for each admins and scalable to add future services)?

Would this be so complicated? I guess not so easy neither low cost so....why not crowdfunding such a project to then be offered on the community?

Am I dreaming, having a crazy idea? If so....well, it could be a nice dream for all Elgg sites' admins :)