Is there a way to limit Members by IP address?

One of the ways spammers are abusing my elgg site is by creating a new member ID every time they add a blog post.

Is there a way to limit the number of members who can log in from any given IP? Let's say a limit of 10, for example, so that if a family or friends in a dorm room were logging in, they would not be denied access for a few different people, but if spammers try to create hundreds or thousands of new member IDs from the same IP number, they would be denied a new Member name when they reach their limit (of 10, in this case)?

  • There is and this has discussed before. We have already given tips on how to implement this feature on that discussion. Use the search feature on top of this page, before you ask a question, so that both you and developers can save time.

  • Well, I guess I'll have to learn to hard code it from the previously posted example that suppresses duplicate accounts from static IPs.

    I was hoping to find a solution that combines email and IP (so that dynamic IP accounts might not be prohibited entirely) and which allows duplicate accounts up to a specified limit rather than suppressing all duplicate registration attempts.

  • By default, Elgg wont allow users to register with duplicate emails. So there is no additional check needed for duplicate emails.