Fail to post/message on other user

Hello all, I have tested all the things work perfectly on local. But when I upload it to live server, performance goes down and when I post on other user's wall then it fail to load the page even though it loading for 9-10 sec.

Same problem with sending message to other users and comment on other's post. But action completed in backend means message sent/data posted.

I have enabled cache from admin. I am using ELGG 1.8 and nginx server. My hosting is on cloud server.

Please help me out.

  • I have set

    proxy_read_timeout 200;

    fastcgi_read_timeout 150;

    So it working fine. But it took 10-15 sec to post/comment/message other user's wall in ELGG

    Please help me out to provide some solution for faaster execution.

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