Help in moving Elgg

Hi guys, I have just bought a new pc and I would like to transfer elgg from the old laptop.

I have xampp for local hosting on the old laptop. I have done like this:

- I installed xampp on the new pc, setting it with the same users and passwords of the old one

- exported elgg database from phpmyadmin and imported to the new xampp database (everything went ok)

- copied the whole elgg directory from the old xampp and pasted into the new one

Everything should be fine, but when I try to open localhost/sites/elgg it returns me this:

"Fatal Error

an unrecoavagle error has occurred and has been logged. Contact the site administrator with the following information: exception #....."


What's wrong with that??!

Than you very much!!!

  • The error should be logged in the Apache server log or php error log of your XAMPP installation. Search for the exection number in the log (actually the number is a unix timestamp of the time+date when the error occured so you could also convert the timestamp into a human readable format and look for entries in the log at this time). Hopefully, the log entry will tell you more details.

    Have you also copied the data directory from the old computer to the new computer? Same location also?

    Is the site url of your site also the same on the new computer?

    You might need to run http://yoursite.url/upgrade.php to flush the cache of your site.

    More information of moving a site can be found at: Maybe there's some info there that will help you.

  • Thank you for your help Iionly!!I had already taken a look at documentation, anyway everything went fine when I realize that phpadmin made some errors while exporting database (not exporting data). Everything works fine right now!!

    Thank you again!!!