I have seen many posts maybe i am wasting my time but is there any plugins for seo becasue this is the most important thing lol its amazing there is no seo plugin that works well or is for i dont want to ruin my site again and need a seo plugin and my elgg site is not complete without this i dont know what i am going to do i dont want to use pligg or other cms,s etc or joomla i like elgg and so do alot of other people here so i am going to wait but may make a pligg or wordpress site while i am waiting as time waits for no one : ( 

I just finished the main bit of my site with only a few changes to till i am finished and discovered theres no seo plugins and the ways i have found are ways that will probably mess my site up as i am no rocket scientist. I hope there is a way to fix this there is but i guess only elgg developers and programmers can do this for now which is not a level playing field for newbies, i am very confused how can somthing this important not be available lol 

I know seo and robots text means nothing..